Sony TV Buying Guide – The Ultimate Guide for Buying Sony 2016 LED TV


Sony is one of big names of TV manufactures where their lineup brings new innovation in every year. Since they come in 4K resolution, Sony offers the best performance of 4K Up-scaling engine. Additionally, in 2015, Sony has introduced their 4K processor called X1 4K engine that has great performance in processing 4K signals. After they replace Sony Entertainment Network with Android TV as their smart TV platform, in 2016, Sony focuses HDR ability for their 2016 4K TV lineup. For their 4K lineup, Sony labeled their lineup with X***D series while for full HD 1080p lineup, Sony has labeled with W***D. The new series is Z9D comes with 4K resolution and premium features.  In term of prices, with similar performance and features, what offered by Sony is not much different to Samsung or LG as their main competitor. There are plenty of models with a wide range price as your options.

Sony 2016 4K TV Lineup

sony 4K TV

There are not many changes about the number model of 2016 Sony 4K TV lineup than 2015 models. A bit difference is about the letter behind the number models, where for 2015 model, the number models is finishing in a C while for 2016 model s finishing in a D.

TV Series Size Available HDR TriLuminoS Display X-Tended Dynamic Range Backlight Motion FLow 3D Smart TV Audio
Z9D 100" 75" 65" Yes Yes Yes Direct LED (Master Backligh Drive) XR1440 Active Android TV 2 X 10 W
X940D 75" Yes Yes Yes Full Array Direct LED XR960 Active Android TV 4 x 7.5W
X930D 65" 55" Yes Yes Yes Edge LED (Slim Backlight Drive) XR960 Active Android TV 4 x 7.5W
X850D 85" 75" 65" 55" Yes Yes No Edge LED XR960 No Android TV 2 x 10W
(75" 4 x 7.5 W)
X800D 43" 49" Yes Yes No Edge LED XR240 No Android TV 2 X 10 W
X750D 65" No No No Direct LED XR960 No Android TV 2 X 10 W
X700D 55" 49" No No No Direct LED XR240 No Android TV 2 X 10 W

Main Features

There are plenty of attractive features and most advanced technologies that offered by  Sony 2016 4K TV lineup likes HDR Technology, X1 Engine, Android TV, etc. Although not all following are featured by every X-series, but at least each of models have pats or all of following features and technologies.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR vs Non HDR

HDR vs Non HDR

You need to know, High Dynamic Range or HDR is originally used for Digital Camera. This technology offers more details picture quality in shadow and sung highlighted effect. With HDR, the picture looks clearer and details. Sony has its own number tests must be passed by each models to get “4K HDR” Certification, the HDR standardization of Sony itself. And for this case, all models of Sony 2016 4K TV have passed through these tests and some improvements on peak of brightness, depth of black level and higher quality 10 bit color reproduction.

But so far, between all models of Sony 2016 4K TV lineup, only X940D with full Array LED really meet the expectation. Although not as great as X940D series, X930D also offers higher peak whites and deeper black level than predecessor X930C. While the lowest model X850D, it still lags behind other brands like Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup.

X1 Engine

Sony X1 Processor

Sony X1 Processor

X1 4K processor is first introduced by Sony in 2015 as the core of its 2015 4K TV lineup. In addition to has a job for rendering 4K visual, it is also designed for running Smart TV platform and also maximizing the result of up-scaling from non 4K contents to 4K contents. It is really an innovative technology that designed to finish some jobs in a single chip with a maximum result. Of course, it is also a part of technologies behind the best performance of UHD Up-scaling that offered by Sony 4K TV lineup.

4K X-Reality Pro

4K X Reality Pro

Sony 4K X Reality Pro

4K X-Reality Pro engine is a great 4K Up-scaling engine behind Sony 4K TV lineup so they become the best in couple years including 2016 lineup. It is actually part of X1 engine as the main processor. What have been done is really amazing when it is up-scaling from SD or 720p, moreover from full HD or Blu-ray HD contents, the result is more perfect. Even for full HD or Blu-Ray HD, the result is offer better than native 4K source from video streaming like Netflix or other 4K content providers.

TriLuminos Display

Triluminos Display

Triluminos Display vs Conventional Display

TriLuminos display is Sony proprietary technology that designed for improving the range of color gamut. This technology actually is similar to quantum dot used by 2015 and 2016 model of LG or Samsung SUHD TV lineup, but Sony have introduced earlier than other brands since Sony’s 2014 Bravia models released in 2014. With the passage of the time, of course this technology has been enhanced to get the better result. Moreover, since 2015, Sony has used X1 processor as the main brain of their 4K TV line-up, of course the color produced is really accurate and makes the picture looks amazing.

X-tended Dynamic Range

X-tended Dynamic Range

X-tended Dynamic Range

This is a technology that designed for improving the brightness level of Sony 4K TV lineup, offers deeper black level and brighter peak white by controlling backlight output across the screen. It helps Sony’s 2015 HDR line-up and now 2016 models meet the criteria required for displaying HDR contents. Once again, the great performance of X1 processor also has a contribution in here. But of course, not all of Sony’s 2016 4K TV are equipped with the same level of X-tended Dynamic Range. There is only top model X940D and X930D are equipped with X-tended Dynamic Range Technology.

Smart TV platform

Sony Android TV

Sony Android TV

Since 2015, Sony has replaced their default Sony Entertainment Network with Google Android TV as the smart TV platform of most of their Smart TV lineup. This certainly is the right decision because Sony never became the best in term of Smart TV. Google android TV offers faster booting than WebOS from LG or Tizen OS from Samsung. The benefit, most of the people have been familiar with this OS on their android smart phone. Like when operating Android Smartphone, to install apps, you just need sign in with your Google Account, download and install it on Google Play Store. And we all know, there are tons of interesting and useful apps provided by Google Play Store. For searching on the internet, there is also Google Voice Search that allows you to search with your voice.

Basically, there are not many differences than what offered by Android Smart Phone. Even for games mania, there is Play Station Now apps that allow you to play PlayStation 3 games without a PS console. You just need plug in your dual shock controller on your TV and search and play via streaming tons of PlayStation Games from PlayStation Now services on the internet. For most middle to upper class, Sony also equipped with Smart Remote that has functions like Samsung Smart Touch or LG magic Remote. And of course this will makes you more comfort when operating it.


In term of connectivity, Sony is not also below other brands like Samsung or LG. Samsung may comes with external upgradable One Connect Box and LG comes with completes features required for connectivity. Not much different to these other brands, Sony also equipped with latest version of connectivity required at this time like HDMI support HDCP 2.2, USB 3.0, HEVC and VP9 decoder, and many other likes High speed Wi-Fi and many others.

Sony 2016 Full HD TV lineup

Although its position and popularity have been displaced by 4K TV, Sony still produces full HD TV even though the features that offered are not as great as what offered by Sony 4K TV. In 2016, there is only two series released. Like 2015 model, X-reality Pro is the picture engine behind Sony’s 2016 full HD TV lineup. Additionally, there is also Motion Flow XR technology behind it that minimized motion blur that may appears when they displaying fast motion images. In term of Smart TV, there is no series of Sony’s 2016 1080p lineup that features Android TV. Instead, there are some VoD services like YouTube or Netflix that allow you enjoy music videos or viral clips on your TV.

Sony 2016 LED TV Lineup


Color Reproduction and 4K Up-scaling performance are the flagship of Sony’s 2016 4K TV lineup. Although not all models comes with some performance, but at least what offered by each models is superior in each class. Additionally, since Sony decided to use Android TV as the Smart TV platform of their 4K lineup, they are able t compete with other brands like Samsung with Tizen OS or LG with WebOS. And the most important, what offered by each models of Sony 4K TVs is already in line price, even for the premium models like X940D or Z9D that sold above $5000.