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Samsung UN65KU6300 vs UN65KU7000 Review : What are their differences?

by on December 24, 2016

Samsung UN65KU6300 is part of KU6300 series while Samsung UN65KU7000 is part of KU7000. Both of them are fat model of Samsung’s 2016 UHD TV lineup Series 6 and Series 7. Although both of them are including entry level of Samsung’s 2016 lineup, they also come with HDR technology. And like other model of Samsung lineup, they support HDR 10 only and don’t support Dolby Vision like Vizio or LG HDR TV lineup. In term of picture quality, both of them are including cheap TVs with good picture quality. In addition picture quality, they are also the number of interesting features included attractive Tizen smart TV and others. But like all models of Samsung’s 2016 lineup, both of them are not equipped with 3D technology. Additionally, they also have poor viewing angle so they are not suitable to use in wide room with a lot of viewers. To know in detail the performance of each, you can read Samsung UN65KU6300 in here and Samsung UN65KU7000 in here.

With all features that offered by them, in the market, both of them are sold in price range at $1000 – $1500 where UN65KU7000 is sold about $100 more expensive than UN65KU6300. Nevertheless, this price could still change at any time and usually will tend to go down as time goes by. So, with this difference in price, what are the differences between them and which is a better choice?

>>  UN65KU6300 has been discontinued <<

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Samsung UN65KU6300 vs UN65KU7000 Key Specs

Specs and Features UN65KU7000 UN65KU6300
Appearance Samsung UN65KU7000 Review Samsung UN65KU6300 Review
Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840) 4K (2160 x 3840)
Panel Type VA VA
Backlighting Technology Edge Lit Direct LED
Picture Engine HDR Premium HDR Premium
Dimming Technology UHD Dimming UHD Dimming
Color Technology Active Crystal Color PurColor
Depth of color 10 Bit 10 bit
Other Technology Contrast Enhancer Contrast Enhancer
UHD Up-scaling UHD Up-scaling Engine UHD Up-scaling Engine
Motion Control Motion Rate 120 (native 60 Hz) Motion Rate 120 (native 60 Hz)
3D Technology No No
Smart TV Tizen Os Tizen Os
Processor Quad Core Quad Core
Audio Channel 2.0 2.0
Output Power 20 watts 20 Watt
HDMI 3 (HDCP 2.2) 3 (HDCP 2.2)
USB 2 2
Composite 1 1
Component In 1 1
Ethernet 1 1
Digital Audio Out (Optical) 1 1
RS232 1 1
Price See the price on Amazon This Product has been discontinued

The difference between Samsung UN65KU6300 and UN65KU7000

Picture Quality

Both Samsung UN65KU6300 and UN65KU7000 equally deliver good picture quality. This is indicated by deep black level and strong native contrast ratio delivered by them. With the supporting by the number of Samsung technology like UHD Dimming, contrast enhancer, and others, both of the really can reach very deep black level and strong contrast. But a little difference is about their difference in backlighting technology that makes a difference in final result. Samsung UN65KU7000 with Edge Light is able to reach about 0.022 nits of black level with 4500:1 of contrast ratio while UN65KU6300 with direct it backlight even can reach more that is about 0.018 nits of black level with contrast ratio about 5400:1. Additionally, the difference in backlighting also makes UN65U6300 offers slightly better black uniformity. This means, detail of picture in dark scenes will be revealed more at the screen of UN5KU6200 than UN65KU7000. But although in term of contrast UN65KU6300 offers better performance, actually what reached by them is very deep for entry level TV like them. You need to know, to display HDR 10 fully, a TVs must reach about 0.05 nits or lower of black level. And with performance offered by them, black level reached by them is quite enough to display HDR 10 fully without any issues in blacks. But certainly, HDR is not just about black level. There are other aspects like peak brightness, color gamut and depth of color.

Samsung UHD Dmming

Additionally with direct backlight, Samsung UN65KU6300 also brighter picture than UN65KU7000 that uses Edge-lit Backlight. The peak brightness reached by Samsung UN65KU7000 is about 400 nits at 100% window and will dim on narrower window with 136 nits at 2% window.  Meanwhile, UN65KU6300 can reach about 425 nits of peak brightness at all % of window. This means, the picture that displayed on the screen of UN65KU6300 will looks more consistent in a bright room than UN65KU7000. But unfortunately, what reached by them in peak brightness is still quite bright for displaying HDR 10 fully. As we know, for displaying HDR fully, a TV must provides peak brightness at least 1000 nits. But for displaying SDR contents, what reached by them is quite enough, particularly for UN65KU6300. For UN65KU7000, as much as possible, you don’t use it in a bright room, because with weak peak brightness, the quality of images will be decreased in a brighter room.

Samsung HDR Premium

HDR Premium Engine

If in term of black level, contrast, and peak brightness, Samsung UN65KU6300 as lower model is even more superior to UN65KU7000, in term of color performance, UN55KU7000 is superior. As we see on comparison table above, Samsung UN65KU7000 comes with Active Crystal Color and UN65KU650 comes with PurColor Technology. The result, UN65U7000 can deliver about 94% of DCI P3 color space whileUN65KU6300 cover about 83% of DCI P3 color space. This means UN65KU7000 delivers wider color gamut than UN65KU500 that makes the color of picture that displayed on its screen also looks richer and more accurate. In other hand, color gradient, both of them already support 10 bit depth of color hat means they are able to deliver up o 1.07 billion shades of color that make gradient of color of the picture look very smooth without gradation or color banding.  Meanwhile, UHD Alliance sets at least 90% of DCI P3 color space with 10 bit depth of color for displaying HDR 10 fully. And of course when displaying HDR contents, UN6KU7000 also offers better color performance than UN65KU6300 where its color gamut s not quite wide for displaying HDR 10 fully. But for displaying SDR contents that required REC.709 color space, color gamut delivered by UN65KU6300 is more than enough.


DCI P3 vs REC 2020 Color Gamut

Overall, Samsung UN65KU6300 is superior on black level, contrast, and peak brightness while Samsung UN65KU7000 is superior on color performance. When displaying SDR contents that don’t require wide color gamut, UN65KU6300 offer better performance, especially when they are used a bright room. Meanwhile when displaying HDR contents, UN65KU7000 offers better performance. From all display specs required by HDR 10, there is only peak brightness that is not met by UN65KU7000 while for UN65KU6300, its peak brightness and color gamut is not quite enough to display HDR 10 fully.

>>  UN65KU6300 has been discontinued <<

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In addition black level, contrast, peak brightness and color gamut which caused by their difference in backlighting and color technology, Samsung UN65KU6300 and UN65KU7000 offer virtually identical performance. Both of them equally offer good motion handling when playing fast moving images like sports, fast movies, and video games. Additionally, their performance in up-scaling lower resolution to 4K quality is also great. Both of them also have the same low input lag that makes them are great video games even for games that required fast reflexes. In addition equally offer goof performance, when playing 24p movies, their performance is the same poor. This means they judder cannot be removed completely when they are laying 24p movies, even standard 24p contents like from Blu ay Player. As mentioned, because they use VA Panel, the viewing angle performance of both s also very poor. And because they are not equipped by built in woofer, this makes sound quality offered by them also the same poor, especially when use for watching music show or movies. For more details about, click here to know a lot about performance of UN65KU6300 or click here to know a lot about UN65KU7000.


Performance UN65KU7000 UN65KU6300
Contrast (4.3/5) (4.5/5)
Color (4/5) (3.5/5)
Peak Brightness (3.5/5) (3.8/5)
HDR Performance (3.9/5) (3.8/5)
Side Viewing Angle (2.5/5) (2.2/5)
Motion Blur (3.7/5) (3.9/5)
Input Lag (4.1/5) (4.2/5)
Smart TV (4.3/5) (4.3/5)
Sound Quality (3.4/5) (3.3/5)


As we have discussion a lot, picture quality is the major difference between Samsung UN65KU6300 and UN5KU7000. This is due the use different backlighting technology and color technology. Samsung UN65KU7000 with Active Crystal color is superior on color performance and also makes it offer better performance when displaying HDR contents. Meanwhile, UN65KU6300 with direct backlight (without local dimming) over better performance on black level, black uniformity, contrast, and peak brightness that makes it is better when used for displaying SDR contents. The excepting of picture quality, what offered by them is similar, whether it is about their advantages or their downsides.

So which is a better choice between them? As mentioned, in the market Samsung UN65KU7000 is sold about $100 more expensive than UN65KU300. With their advantages and disadvantages that offered by them, of course the decision comes back to you according to your need and preferences. If you want to just enjoy SDR contents, of course UN65KU6300 is a better choice for you. But if HDR is you main consideration, of course UN65KU7000 is a better choice. But as the consequence, you must spend about $100 more of your money. Furthermore, if you don’t mind to spend about $200 more, there is UN65KS8000 with Ultra HD Premium Certification that offers much better picture quality in HDR and SDR and also offers better performance in some features. Finally, before you decide to choose one of them and as your further consideration, you can read a lot of opinions from each of their real customers who have purchased

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