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Samsung KU7000 Review (UN65KU7000, UN55KU7000, UN49KU7000, UN43KU7000, UN40KU7000)

by on August 13, 2016

Samsung KU7000 Review


Samsung KU7000 is the flat panel model of Samsung’s 2016 Series 7. Its brother KU7500 comes with the same specification but with curved panel so offers wider range of side viewing angle.  In the market, KU7000 comes with a lot of screen size variant consist of UN40KU7000 (40 Inch), UN43KU7000 (43 inch), UN49KU7000 (49 inch), UN55KU7000 (55 Inch), UN65KU7000 (65 inch). Like other models of 2016’s 4K TV, KU7000 series also already support HDR but with limited performance and not as great as the higher modes Samsung SUHD TV for this year or last year model. But on the other hands especially for its class, it offers great display performance, Smart TV, and other no less interesting features.

As we mentioned, the excepting of curved panel, Samsung KU7000 is similar to KU7500, the top series of Samsung’s 2016 UHD TV lineup. It offers similar level than what offered by KU7500 whether it is about contrast, color accuracy, smart TVs, and other key features. Although HDR quality that offered is not as great as higher series SUHD TV models, but this series offers the middle path between the price and quality. And this makes KU7000 and its pricier twin most desirable between Samsung’s 2016 4K TV lineup.

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Samsung KU7000 Specification

Display Specs

Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Flat
Size Available 40” 43” 49” 55” 65” 70”
Backlight Edge Lit


Dimming UHD Dimming
Ultra Clear Panel Yes
Color Technology Active Crystal Color
HDR HDR Premium
4K Up-scaling UHD Up-Scaling
Motion rate MR 120 (60 Hz native)

Smart TV

Platform Samsung Smart TV with Smart Hub
Processor Quad Core
Key Apps Full Browser, Cloud Games, Smart View, and more
Remote Samsung Smart Touch Remote (TM1650A)


Ethernet 1
AV 1
Component 1
RF (Terrestrial  Cable) 1
Bluetooth Yes


Channel 2
Speaker Type Down Firing w/Bass Reflex
Total Power 20 watts
Sound Effect DTS Premium Sound 5.1


The Performance of Samsung KU7000

Picture Quality

Picture Quality is a highlight of Samsung KU7000 as a mid level of 2016 4K lineup. For its class, black level delivered is robust and otherwise, peak luminosity is also look very bright. Additionally, although the color produced is not as great as what produced by SUHD TV lineup, but it still look solid in range and accuracy.  With strong level in all aspects of picture quality, this makes the picture produced looks amazing. The amazing in here is not about the whole but only for its class because certainly not as great as what offered by “Top-Shelf” SUHD TV. But unfortunately, the great picture quality produced by Samsung KU7000 is not enough to produce great HDR. The peak of brightness achieved by KU7000 is still below 1000 nits, a standard value of peak illumination for high quality HDR picture. So does about black level created, although Samsung claimed equipped KU7000 with UHD Dimming, but this is not real local dimming. For standard high dynamic range picture, maybe it can be said very deep but for standard level of HDR picture, this still doesn’t meet the expectation.  Additionally, the use of edge lit backlight may eliminated “hallo effect” like on Direct LED TV, but in other hand, black level that created is not as deep as what produced by Full array led backlight.

About color reproduction, it also already supports 10 bit color. With 10 bit color, it can produce about 1.07 billion shades of color, that makes smooth color gradient without color banding and gradation. Additionally, for delivering wide color gamut, there is Active Crystal Color behind it. Theoretically, this technology adds extra source of light in blue LED so produces purer white and certainly also wider range of color gamut. So, although the performance of this technology is still below quantum dot with DCI P3 color system on SUHD lineup, color produce by KU7000 still looks accurate and certainly is better than what produced by Samsung Series 6 with their PurColor. On the whole, Samsung KU7000 displays great picture quality with accurate color, robust contrast and brightness. But this great performance is not for video source that filmed in HDR and doesn’t meet the standard quality of HDR picture. Nonetheless, at least, HDR picture produced by Samsung KU7000 is not too bad and you can still enjoy HDR movies on its screen although with mediocre performance.


But unfortunately, you can enjoy good picture quality of KU700 series only when you are watching it from center and front. Started at 20 degrees off center and front, contrast and color looks slight degraded and will be worse when you are considerably widened from center and front.  But for this issue, there is KU7500 curved panel that offers wider range of side viewing angle. But of course they are sold about $150-200$ more expensive depending the sizes of the screen.

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UHD Up-scaling

Cannot be said the best in class, but UDH up-scaling performance offered by Samsung KU7000 is great even better than most of its competitors. This possible caused Samsung has great performance UHD Up-scaling engine called UHD Up-scaling. Whether it is top level Samsung SUHD TV or entre level Samsung UHD Lineup, their performance is not much different. Full HD sources like Blur Ray contents are displayed superbly in 4K quality on its 4K screen. Even for SD contents or HD contents are also displayed very clear and detail in 4K quality. And of course this is better than when you are watching them in HD or full HD TV. Its rigorous competitor in its class is Sony 4K TV that always becomes in the forefront in term of UHD Up-scaling performance.

Samsung UHD Upscaling

Motion Clarity

For processing video contents with fast motion scenes like sport program, fast video games, or fast action movies, Samsung KU700 is only powered by Motion Rate 120 Hz based native 60 Hz refresh rate panel. The result certainly is not as clear and as smooth as what produced by 120 Hz panel. As example when it is used for watching foot ball games. With a careful observation, the ball is kicked by a player will be followed by a faint trail. But fortunately, there is Auto Motion Plus features that can be activated form minimizing motion blur that may be noticeable. Although it cannot eliminates completely, but at least it can minimizes motion blur that may be noticeable. For most people with untrained eyes, this should not be a big problem. But if in the benchmark, of course this is still far below the quality what produced by 120 Hz TV.

Smart TV

As its platform, Samsung KU7000 features Samsung Smart TV with Smart Hub as its platform. Navigation Tab and User interface is designed for making you more comfort to operate. Compared to last year version, there is a new Game Tab as the short cut t access the game main page that contains tons of attractive cloud games. This is a new thing because it is not contained in the previous version. You can play ton of experience cloud game via streaming without a game console. Not only that, for pampering you in enjoying smart home entertainment, there are a lot of apps that allows you to stream 4K or other media contents.

samsung KU7000 Smart TV

For supporting its performance so faster in loading time and responsive, it is already powered by a quad core processor. Of course this will makes you more comfort when operating smart apps. And the other benefits, KU700 series is equipped with Smart Touch Remote in its buying package. And we all know, it has a lot of useful functions like voice navigation, point and click, and many more.

Samsung SMart Touch Remote


The number of major internal connectivity like USB Ports or HDMI can be said limited. It is only equipped with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB Ports, less than what offered by the predecessor Series 7 in last year.  With many HD devices that utilizes HDMI ports of their major connectivity, of course what provided by Samsung KU7000 series is still lack. But fortunately there is upgradable One Connect Box that can solve your problem when you need more connectivity. Nonetheless, about its ability, HDMI ports of Samsung KU7000 already support HDCP 2.2.

If in term of USB and HDMI Ports, there is limitation in term of the number, for other connectivity, what provided by KU7000 can be said more than enough. For connecting on the internet and this is required by most of apps, KU7000 provides high seed Wi-Fi and Ethernet port. Additionally, there are also 1 Component, 1 composite, 1 Audio Out, 1 Digital Audio Out for connecting with other devices.

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Samsung Series 7 especially KU7000 series is a mid class TV mediating between quality and price. The picture quality that offered is not too bad or even can be said great while the price is more reasonable than Samsung SUHD TV lineup. Contrast looks very strong with deep black level and bright peak white. So does about the color produced, it also looks solid and accurate. But great picture performance that offered by KU7000 is still not enough to meet the standard of high quality HDR picture. As we know, 1000 nits is a minimum standard of peak luminance that should be achieved for producing high quality HDR. Without a real local dimming, black level created by KU7000 also doesn’t meet that required by HDR picture. So does about color, although for its class it can be said very accurate, but still below what offered by Samsung SUHD TV lineup. The other shortage is about side viewing angle where the range of its side viewing angle is limited. Contrast and color will looks degraded started at 20 degrees off center and front. Otherwise, UHD Up-scaling and attractive smart TV platform are the highlights of Samsung KU7000. The performance that offered is not less attractive and superior than offered by top class SUHD TV lineup.

And the last, KU7000 is a 4K TV with great picture performance and Attractive Smart TV platform that offers more reasonable price than Samsung’s SUHD TV. It even is among the one of the best in class. For most people, Performance and Features offered by Samsung KU7000 course is enough to meet their expectation when buying HDR 4K smart TV.

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- Reasonable Price
- Good Contrast and Black Level
- Great 4K UHD Up-Scaling
- Attractive and Responsive Smart TV


- No 3D Technology
- Poor Side Viewing Angle
- HDR quality still need improvement
- The number of HDMI and USB ports are limited
- Peak Luminance is still below what required good HDR quality

Editor Rating


Peak Brightness

HDR Performance

Side Viewing Angle

Motion Blur

Input Lag

Smart TV


Total Score

Bottom Line

Performance that offered especially about HDR still need much improvement. It is not great TV is your main consideration is HDR quality. But even so, with pretty strong smart TV platform and great performance on some features, KU7000 is one of the best TV with affordable price.

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