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Samsung KS9000 Review (UN55KS9000, UN65KS9000, UN75KS9000)

by on August 31, 2016

Samsung KS9000 Review


Samsung KS9000 is part of Series 9 of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup under KS9500 and KS9800 series. Compared to KS9500 series, it lacks curved panel that has an impact on side viewing angle while to KS9800, in addition to curved panel, it also lacks of Multizone Full Array backlighting. As part of Samsung Series 9 or top series of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup, KS9000 offers great performance in almost all aspect of 4K TV like HDR, picture quality, UHD Up-scaling, Smart TV, Motion Clarity, and more. But unfortunately, in addition to weak side viewing angle, 3D technology is the downside of KS9000 series.

 To meet the standardization of HDR quality set by UHD Alliance, KS9500 is powered by the number Samsung’s most advanced technologies like Quantum Dot Panel, Supreme UHD Dimming, support 10 Bit panel. This is very important considering there are many 4K TV released in 2016 claimed support HDR but with HDR quality far below standardization set by UHD Alliance. And with impressive HDR performance, KS9000 series is one of the best options for you when buying HDR TV. But of course, its price is also more expensive than almost 4K TV that available in the market.

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Samsung KS9000 Specification

Display Specs

Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Flat
Size Available 55” 65” 75”
Backlight Edge Lit


Dimming Supreme UHD Dimming with Precision Black
Ultra Black Yes
Ultra Clear Panel Ultimate
Peak Illuminator Pro
Color Technology Quantum Dot support 10 bit panel
4K Up-scaling UHD Up-Scaling
Motion rate Supreme MR240 (Native 120 Hz)

Smart TV

Platform Tizen OS
Processor Quad Core
Key Apps Full Browser, Cloud Games, Smart View, and more
Remote Samsung Smart Touch Remote (TM1650A)


Ethernet 1
RF (Terrestrial  Cable) 1
Bluetooth Yes


Channel 2.2
Speaker Type Down Firing w/Bass Reflex
Total Audio Output 60 Watts
Sound Effect DTS Premium Sound 5.1


The Performance of Samsung KS9000

If we have seen the picture that produced by the predecessor JS9000, what offered by KS9000 is not much different. But even so, there is a significant feature change between KS9000 and the predecessor JS9000 that is about 3D technology where KS9000 is not equipped with 3D technology and instead, Samsung KS9000 comes with HDR compatibility.  And with this difference, on the same screen size, KS9000 is sold slight cheaper than the predecessor JS9000.

Picture Quality

Talking picture quality, we will first discuss about its HDR performance because it is highlighted in 2016. There are a lot of HDR TV released in 2016, but only few models that meet standardization of good HDR quality specified by UHD Alliance. We all may know, to meet the standardization of UHD Alliance, peak brightness of a 4K is at least 1000 nits while black level is 0.05 nits. With the support HDR 1000 technology and the number technologies behind its like Supreme UHD Dimming with precision Black, Ultra Black, Peak Illuminator Ultimate, Ultra Clear Panel, this value certainly is not impossible achieved by KS9000. Though in reality, black level created is not as deep as what offered by KS9800 that comes with Full Array LED Backlight or LG OLED TV, but at least, what produced by KS9000 has met the criteria that set by UHD Alliance or it can deliver around 0.017 nits. In other hand, the peak white that achieved by KS9000 is beyond 1000 nits even more than 1300 nits. Of course, they are perfect values of contrast for producing high quality HDR quality.

Samsung HDR TV

But as we know, HDR is not about great contrast only. The width of color gamut and depth of color bit also has big impact on HDR quality. But this is also not a big problem for KS9000. With Quantum dot technology behind it where this technology called “Nano Crystal Color” in 2015, color gamut delivered by KS9000 is able to cover more than 93% of DCI P3 space color system.  This course is much richer than what produced by KU series.  Not only that, Samsung KS9000 also supports 10 bit color this means it can delivers more than 1 billion shades of color. Combination between wide color gamut and 10 bit depth color makes color gradation produced looks smoothly. With untrained yes, color delivered looks perfectly and makes the HDR picture displayed looks clearly and naturally. Overall, about HDR quality, what produced by KS9000 is undoubtedly whether it is about the depth of contrast or color. A bit problem occurs is about limited viewing angle. As mentioned, Samsung KS9000 comes with flat panel type that delivers limited viewing angle. This means color and contrast looks degraded from extremely side viewing angle and this is started at 20 degrees off center and front.

Samsung Quantum DOt

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UHD Up-Scaling

As we know, great performance is still required for a 4K TV considering most of contents that available in the market still have 1080p to lower resolution. Moreover, most creators prefer to re-master content in HDR than 4K TV because in addition to have high difficulty level, it is also required much wider bandwidth when streaming from VoD service like Netflix, HuluPlus, or others. And for this case, maybe Sony offers the best performance but Samsung KS9000 still offers great performance UHD Up-Scaling Engine.  The result is perfect when it up-scales from full HD contents or Blu-Ray Films. Even for HD contents or SD like form DVD format or Cable TV, the result still looks clear and smooth. And what you intend when buying 4K TV, all can be met by KS9000.

Samsung UHD Upscaling

Motion Clarity

Talking about motion clarity, this certainly has to do with fast moving images. For processing fast motion images, Samsung KS9000 series is powered by Supreme Motion Rate 240 Hz technology. Compared to lower Series KS8500 or KS8000, there is addition “Supreme” label on Motion Rate. But even so, both of these technologies are based on same native refresh rate panel 120 Hz. Because of the main impact is about native refresh rate, though there is some improvement, but this improvement is not too significant for untrained eyes. Separated from this difference to lower series, what offered by KS9000 series is great. There is no much motion blur can be seen when it is displaying sport programs or fast action movies. And of course, it is slight better than what offered by Samsung Series 8.

Smart TV

All models of Samsung’s 2016 including KS9000 series features same smart TV platform that is Tizen OS. For a while, it can be said one of the best smart TV platform. Compared to last year models there is a few changes about processor that support its performance where JS9000 is powered by Octa core processor while KS9000 is powered by quad core processor. This actually is the decline performance than the predecessor.  But in other hand, newest version of Tizen offers faster load in time and more user friendly layout design so of course will makes the users more comfort to operate. The interesting, Tizen allows multiple users where each of your family can make their own setting by log on their personal profile.

Samsung Tizen OS

Moving on apps, Tizen OS provides more complete useful apps than other smart TV platform like Web Browser, VoD Service, Screen Mirroring, and many others. A new app that is not less interesting is about Cloud Gaming where it allows you to play cloud game without a console. But of course, to be able to play cod game, it is not free and you will be charged Pay per Title. But even so, this is more efficient than other cloud games services that charge you with monthly subscription.

For navigating or operating, Samsung KS9000 is equipped with Smart Touch Remote. It is designed simpler and easier to use with simple touch pad and a button for control. In addition to its has same useful functions like point and click, voice navigation, and more, It is also designed can recognize other devices that are connected to your TV like TV box, Satellite Box, Game Console, and many other.

Samsung CLoud Game


As major connectivity, Samsung KS9000 is equipped with 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports. There are no AV inputs or Component inputs. If you have old devices required AV or Component as their major connectivity, of course they cannot be used with KS9000. 4 HDMI and 3 USB actually are quite enough to cover your HD Devices. But if you feel what provided is still not enough, you can buy one connect box separately to cover more of your HD devices. The interesting, this box is upgradable, so if in future there is new standardization or version of HDM or USB, you just need to update your box without replacing with a new one. And for connecting n the internet, there are Ethernet and Built-in Wi-Fi as your options. Additionally, there is also built in Bluetooth that allows you to connect with other devices like Bluetooth Keyboard, Headphones, and many other device that support Bluetooth connection.

Samsung One Connect Box Mini

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On the whole, what offered by Samsung KS9000 is looking great. With the great performance offered, KS900 is including the ranks of top class 4K TV released in 2016. Picture quality especially HDR quality is impressive as well as Smart TV platform, it is very attractive and responsive. The only downside of KS9000 is about 3D technology where it is not equipped 3D technology. Of course this is very unfortunate as the top class 4K TV. Limited Side Viewing Angle is also the other downside of KS9000. But as long as you watching TV from center and front, it is not a serious problem.  But of course, as the consequence of the great performance that offered, Samsung KS9000 series is sold more expensive than most of 4K TVs that available in the market. But even so, it is one of the best options for you if your main consideration in buying 4K TV is about picture performance especially about HDR quality.

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- Great HDR Perfomance
- Excellent Peak White and Contrast
- Solid Color Performance
- Responsive Smart TV
- Nice Physical Design


- Lacks of 3D
- Limited Side Viewing Angle

Editor Rating


Peak Brightness

HDR Performance

Side Viewing Angle

Motion Blur

Input Lag

Smart TV


Total Score

Bottom Line

3D technology and Side Viewing angle are the downsides of KS9000. But the excepting of what mentioned, performance that offered by Samsung KS9000 is really amazing. Color, Black Level, Peak brightness are delivered greatly. If you are searching 4K TVs with great HDR performance, KS9000 is one of them.

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