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LG OLED G6 Review (OLED77G6P, OLED65G6P) : LG Signature 3D HDR 4K OLED TV

by on September 29, 2016

LG OLED G6 Review


LG OLED G6 Series is the flagship of LG’s 2016 OLED TV lineup. With stunning performance in all aspect of 4K Entertainment, it can be said the best 4K TVs of 2016. For offering the users with best HDR experience, OLED G6 series comes with Ultra HD certification set by UHD alliance. In addition to HDR 10, it also already supports Dolby Vision, a proprietary HDR format set by Dolby Laboratories. With the support two most popular HDR formats at once, this allows you to enjoy HDR entertainment in HDR 10 or Dolby Vision format with sunning picture quality, perfect black level, and strong color performance.  In addition to picture quality, it also offers elegant design and superb WebOS 3.0 Smart TV platform that will makes you more comfort when enjoying 4K home entertainment in your home.

LG OLED G6 series available on two screen sizes, OLED65G6P with 65 inch screen size and OLED77G6P with 77 Inch screen sizes. In the market, OLED65G6P is sold about $8000 while OLED77G6P is sold about $20000. This course is the price that is very expensive for a 4K TV although this price certainly is comparable with the performance and features that offered. But if you mind with the price that offered for G6 series, there is a brother E6 series that sold much cheaper but with virtually identical performance.

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LG OLED G6 Key Specification

Display Specs

Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Flat
Size Available 65” (OLED65E6P), 65” (OLED75E6P)
Panel Type OLED


Dimming Pixel Dimming
Picture Engine Perfect Mastering Engine
HDR OLED HDR with Dolby Vision
Perfect Black Panel Yes
Ultra Luminance Yes
Cinematic Color Yes
4K Up-scaling Tru 4K Up-scaler
3D Technology Passive
Motion Control Native 120 Hz

Smart TV

Platform WebOS 3.0
Features Full Browser, LG Content Store, Magic Mobile Connection, etc
Remote LG Magic Remote Control


HDMI 4 (HDCP 2.2)
Ethernet 1
RF (Terrestrial  Cable) 1
Composite In (AV) 1
Component In 1
Wi-Fi Built In 802.11 a/c


Channel 2.2
Sound Design by HarmanKardon Yes
Total Audio Output 40 Watts
Sound Effect OLED Surround



Unlike most of TVs that sold in the market, LG OLED G6 series comes with unique physical design called “picture in glass”. Most of the physical appearance of this TV consists of a super thin glass paneling where the actual OLED display screen of LG G6 installed onto. With the thickness of glass paneling about 1/8th of inch, this makes OLED G6 becomes the thinnest TV that ever made. Additionally with glass as the major material, this makes you are as if nothing see a TV, but look at the another world through a window.

LG G6 Appearance

Under the screen, there is built-in 4.2 sound bar that also has a functions as the stand of the TV if you want place your TV on the table. Inside the sound bar, there is not only audio equipment installed, but all of the connectivity ports are also installed on the rear panel of sound bar. If you want to mount your TV on the wall, you can retract the rectangular base sound bar into the back of glass panel. Therefore, the TV will look like a massive glass screen on the wall and the sound bar will look like a wide bezel across the bottom of the screen.

LG G6 Soundbar

The Performance of LG OLED G6

Picture Quality

The picture produced by LG OLED G6 series can be said the best in 2016, on HDR or non HDR quality. The picture looks stunningly on the screen with perfect black level, strong contrast, and rich color. There is no 4K TVs released in 2016 that quite enough to match what offered by OLED G6 series, unless there is other OLED TVs that comes with brighter peak white.  But because of it is a flagship of LG’s 2016 OLED TV lineup, it course is very unlikely to happen.

Like other 4K TVs that released in 2016, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is also one of the main focuses of LG G6 series. As we know, HDR is originally used in photography industry where this technology is applied on Digital Camera. It aims to delivers more detail in shadow, dark scenes, or sun highlighted effects. All this time, our comfort is always disturbed when watching movies with many dark scenes.  But with the many HDR TVs that released in 2016, there is certain standardization set by UHD Alliance to distinguish which the TV that really bring the quality of HDR or just use the frill of HDR. Let’s discuss HDR quality delivered by OLED G6 series, whether it included a TV that get Ultra HD Certification by UHD alliance or not.


Talking about visual specs delivered by LG OLED G6 series, it can deliver zero nits of black level. This means the black level reached by LG G6 is perfect and this allows it delivers infinite contrast ratio. As we know, contrast ratio is obtained from a division between peak white and black levels. Otherwise, taking about peak brightness, it can reach about 650 nits of peak brightness on 2% windows. This value may still far below what reached by Top Model Samsung SUHD TV where they can reach up to 1500 nits of peak brightness. Of course, this becomes a shortcoming of OLED TV than LED TV. But you need to know, to get Ultra HD Premium Certification for HDR 10, UHD alliance have set minimum peak brightness must be reached by a 4K TV is 540 nits while for black level is about 0.0005 nits. This is a second option because UHD alliance has set two options for Ultra HD premium, the first is 1000 nits peak of brightness with 0.05 nits of black level.  With other words, what achieved by LG B6 on peak brightness, black level, and contrast meet the minimum standardization of HDR 10 set by UHD alliance.

OLED TV is far superior in dark control and precision light


Moving on color performance, to get Ultra HD Premium certification, a 4K TV must cover more than 90% DCI P3 color space and 10 bit depth of color. For this case, LG OLED G6 series also meet this minimum standardization where it already support 10 bit panel and can cover more than 94% DCI P3 color space. With the display specs delivered by LG G6 series, this mean it can play HDR 10 contents without any issue. So, this allows you to enjoy HDR picture with real experience like what creator intended for a HDR contents. The picture in shadow and dark scene looks very detail and natural with accurate color and strong contrast.


DCI P3 vs REC 2020 Color Gamut

10 Bit Color

In addition to support HDR 10, LG OLED G6 series also support Dolby Vision by Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Vision is set with higher standardization. This means to display Dolby Vision, a 4K TV must reach minimum 10.000 nits of peak brightness with current target 4000 nits of peak brightness. For color gamut, Rec.2020 coverage is the target of Dolby Vision with 12 bit depth of color. With the criteria that have set by Dolby Vision, there is no 4K TV at this time can meet perfectly all of these standardizations. But even so, although in theory the display specs of LED G6 series couldn’t meet what targeted by Dolby Vision, with “Perfect Mastering Engine support HDR 10 and Dolby Vision” behind it, Dolby Vision contents displayed on 4K screen of LG G6 looks very amazing even can be said the best for this time. Furthermore, there are not many 4K TVs in the market that support Dolby Vision that of course this becomes its own advantage of LG OLED G6.

LG Dolby Vision

Side Viewing Angle

Because of each pixels of OLED TV can dimmed or turn on/off their self, this allows a OLED TV doesn’t need a backlight. As we know, the use of backlight on LED TV makes color and contrast degradation if viewed from side viewing angle.  Because there is no backlight behind the screen f LG G6, this allows it offers viewing angle up to 178 degrees.. This means, as long as you are not watching TV from behind the screen, the picture still looks stunningly without color and contrast degradation even if you are watching TV from extremely side viewing angle. The benefits, it allows you to get best viewing no matter where you place your seat in your room.

LG G6 Viewing Angle

UHD Up-scaling

UHD Up-scaling performance is one of most important aspect that should be considered before we buy a 4K TVs. This understandable considering most of the contents that available in the market still have 1080p resolution or lower. Behind it, there is Tru 4K Up-Scaler that has done a good job when up-converting to near 4K quality, even for 480p sources like DVDs, the result still looks clear and details in 4K quality, much less for 720p or 1080p sources, the result certainly is much better. So, about the issue of the scarcity 4k contents that available in the market, this is not a big problem for LG OLED G6. And of course, you can still enjoy most of the contents available in the market on 4K quality clearly and detail.

Tru 4K Up-saler

Motion Handling

The stunning performance that offered by LG G6 series is when it handling fast motion images. When it is used for watching sports or fast movies or playing games, there the picture looks very clear and smooth with virtually no motion blur noticeable. This cannot be separated from a great job of Tru Motion 240Hz technology in eliminating motion blurs. The great performance also show  when displaying Blu-ray movies over 24p signals, 24p PC signals (60p signals) or 24p satellite/cable box (60i signals), there is also no judder noticeable.

TruMotion 240Hz

3D performance

When it comes in 3D images, the performance of LG OLED G6 is also great. With “Cinema 3D” technology based on passive 3D technology behind it, 3D picture that displayed on 4K screen of LG G6 looks very clear with very tons of depth 3D images. There is no flicker or crosstalk available on both dark and bright room. This is an advantage of passive 3D than active 3D. The other advantage is about their glasses where they are lighter, more comfort to use and cheaper than active 3D glasses. The shortcoming, each of the eyes only can receive half resolution of the 3D images.

Passive 3D

Smart TV

Smart TV is also included a mainstay feature of LG OLED G6 series. With WebOS 3.0 as its smart TV platform, it offers fast, responsive, simple, and attractive smart TV. 3 years since it was first released, there are many upgrades and updates in third version that makes its performance much better. Some issues on two previous versions like poor streaming ability have been fixed on this version. In other hand, its performance is also improved so it is faster and more responsive. Likewise about user interface, it also redesigned so makes you comfort and easier when managing, opening, and playing your favorites apps. A shortcuts of your favorites apps, this is neatly organized in the form of strip bar across the bottom of the screen.

LG webOS 3.0

LG webOS 3.0 Interface

In addition to some improvement on their performance, there are also some new features like Magic Zoom that allows you to magnify the certain part of the picture without damaging image quality or Mobile Magic Connection that allows you to stream directly your contents on your Smartphone onto OLED G6. There are also full web browser, VoD services support HDR 10 and Dolby Vision like Netflix, Hulu, LG Music that allows you to play a music even if your TV turn off, LG Content Store that allows you to download tons of apps, contents, and games, and many more.

LG e6 Remote

For controlling TV functions or Apps, LG G6 series includes two remote controls. The first is a universal remote and the second is “LG magic Remote”. The one of most useful function is about “Point and click” that has a function like a mouse your Computer. Of course this will make you easy when surfing on the internet, selecting and playing apps. Furthermore, there are also some useful functions like Voice Navigation, and more.

Audio Performance

Sound quality delivered by LG G6 series is including the best. There is a built in sound bar with 42 channel speaker and total power output 60 watts. The great, its audio sound is designed by premium Audio Manufactures HarmanKardon.  The mid and high frequency sounded very clear while low frequency or bass sounded steady. In other hand, when used for listening the music, the separation of stereo sound of each channels is heard clear. Overall, for a slim TV sound quality of LG G6 is very impressive. But even so, its performance is not quite enough to match premium stand-alone sound bar or audio system that widely available in the market. To get best experience of sound quality, you should still consider a stand-alone sound-bar or audio system.


LG G6 Connectivity

Like most of 4K TVs that available in the market, LG G6 is equipped with 4 HDMI Ports and 3 USB Ports as their major connectivity. Additionally, there are also 1 Composite (AV in), 1 Component in, RF (terrestrial), 1 Ethernet Ports, 1 Mini Jack RS323, Optical, and Built IN Wi-Fi. The differences to most of TVs, all of these connectivity ports are installed on the rear panel of sound bar, not on rear panel of TV. This certainly will add an elegant impression on OLED G6 Series.

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Perfect black level and infinite contrast also wide range color gamut delivered by LG G6 OLED TV make its picture quality is the best among TVs that released in 2016. In addition stunning picture quality where there is no TV is quite enough to match it, LG OLED G6 also offers superb performance on all aspect of 4K entertainment. Wide range viewing angle, Great UHD Up-scaling Engine, great 3D performance, excellent WebOS 3.0, impressive sound quality, and complete connectivity, all of them attached to OLED G6 series. Back to picture quality, with display specs that offered, it meet all standardization of HDR 10 et by UHD Alliance to get Ultra HD Premium Certification. In addition HDR 10 format, LG G6 series also can play Dolby Vision contents stunningly, although its display specs cannot meet standardization targeted for Dolby Vision. A bit shortcoming on its performance, its peak brightness is not as bright as what reached by top model LED TVs like Samsung SUHD TVs or Sony X930D where they can achieve more than 1000 nits of peak brightness. But even so, this cannot be said a shortcoming because, its peak brightness is far above the minimum standardization 530 nits set by UHD alliance.

A big downside of LG OLED G6 is about its price where it sold with very expensive price. If we don’t have extra money, of course, we will think twice to get it while the lower series OLED E6 is sold much cheaper but offer virtually identical performance than G6 series, unless design of bottom part and sound bar. If you don’t mind to minor difference on design and sound bar over LG OLED E6 series that don’t have great impact on overall performance, of course LG G6 is the best choice for you when you are searching the best TV in 2016.

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- Perfect Black Level
- Infinite Contrast
- Wide Color Gamut
- Perfect Motion Control
- Great Passive 3D Performance
- Excellent Web OS 3.0
- Picture on Glass Design


- Peak Brightness is not as bright as top model LED HDT TV
- Its price is very expensive
- No major difference over LG E6 series that sold much cheaper

Editor Rating


Peak Brightness

HDR Performance

Side Viewing Angle

Motion Blur

Input Lag

Smart TV



Total Score

Bottom Line

The excepting of its huge price, this is very difficult to find a weakness of LG OLED G6 series on all aspect of 4K entertainment. Picture quality in HDR or non HDR, 3D Technology, Smart TV, and Sound quality, all of them are performed perfectly by OLED G6. Compared to Top Model LED TVS, LG G6 only suffers on peak brightness though actually it also cannot be said a shortcoming considering its peak brightness still meet the minimum criteria of peak brightness set by UHD alliance.

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