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by on September 24, 2016

 LG OLED E6 Review


If you are searching the best 4K TV that released in 2016, of course you should consider LG OLED E6P series as your choice. Along with top model LG’s 2016 G6 signatures series, LG E6P series is one of the best 4K TVs with strong performance in almost all display specs for a 4K TV. In addition to stunning display features, it also offers very attractive and impressive WebOS 3.0 smart TV platform and also great specs of connectivity. With other word, you will find overall home entertainment quality on LG E6P series. Compared to G6P series that sold much more expensive, E6P series is only inferior on some minor aspects that have no impact on picture quality. Although LG has claimed their flagship G6P series offers slightly better peak brightness and DCI P3 color coverage, but in reality this difference is not too significant.

In the market, LG E6P series is released with 2 variant of screen sizes, OLED55E6P with 55 Inch and OLED65E6P with 65 inch screen size. OLED55E6P is sold with the price about $3500 while OLED6E6P is sold with the price about $5500. Of course, these prices are quite expensive. But even so, it is comparable to performance and quality that offered by them. With the passage of the time, of course these prices still could change at any time.

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LG OLED E6P Key Specification

Display Specs

Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Flat
Size Available 55” (OLED55E6P), 65” (OLED65E6P)
Panel Type OLED


Dimming Pixel Dimming
Picture Engine Perfect Mastering Engine
HDR OLED HDR with Dolby Vision
Perfect Black Panel Yes
Ultra Luminance Yes
Cinematic Color Yes
4K Up-scaling Tru 4K Up-scaler
3D Technology Passive
Motion Control Native 120 Hz

Smart TV

Platform WebOS 3.0
Features Full Browser, LG Content Store, Magic Mobile Connection, etc
Remote LG Magic Remote Control


HDMI 4 (HDCP 2.2)
Ethernet 1
RF (Terrestrial  Cable) 1
Composite In (AV) 1
Component In 1
Wi-Fi Built In 802.11 a/c


Channel 2.2
Sound Design by HarmanKardon Yes
Total Audio Output 40 Watts
Sound Effect OLED Surround


The Performance of LG OLED E6P

The unique of OLED is each of their pixels can turn on/off or dim individually. This allows OLED TV delivers perfect black level because the condition of each pixel cannot be affected by the conditions of other pixel surrounding. Because it can delivers zero nits of black level, this allows OLED TV delivers infinite contrast ratio. Additionally, this condition also allows OLED TV doesn’t require backlight. You need to know, the picture degradation that happened on LED TV if the viewers watch TV from side viewing angle is caused the use of Backlight on LED TV. Because OLED TV didn’t use backlight, this allows OLED TV delivers wider range of viewing angle even than LED TV with IPS pane. That’s why OLED TV delivers more stunning picture quality than LED TV particularly on black level and viewing angle.

OLED vs LED Technology

Picture Quality

LG E6 series offers picture quality as amazing as that produced by the brother G6 series. The perfect black level, infinite contrast ratio, and strong color performance makes the picture that displayed on the screen of LG OLED E6P looks really amazing. Moreover, it also already supports both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision formats, this allows it offers overall home entertainment in high quality. In addition OLED technology itself, it is also powered by the number LG’s most advanced technologies that maximizes its performance in producing stunning picture quality, in HDR or SDR.


In term of contrast, as mentioned, because it has self-lighting pixel, LG E6P can reach almost zero nits of black level. This certainly is a value that are impossible to be achieve by LED TVs. As a comparison, Samsung KS9800 series as the top level of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup only reach 0.017 nits of black level. Although both of them meet the standardization of black level set by UHD alliance that is 0.05 nits, but of course OLED E6P over much deeper black level than KS9800. While Dolby Vision Set 0.0005 nits of black level as their standardization, LG E6P series can reach lower than it. Moving on peak brightness, on 2% window, LG OLED E6P can reach up to 650 nits of peak brightness, even on sustained 2% window. This value certainly exceeds the standardization 540 nits of peak brightness set by UHD Alliance.


In term of color reproduction, with 4 color sub-pixels technology, LG OLED E6P series can delivers color gamut more than 94% DCI of P3 color space. Additionally, it also supports 10 bit color that delivers much richer color tones than 8 bit panel. As comparison, 10 bit panels can delivers more than 1 billion shades of color while 8 bits color only delivers about 16 million shades of color. Of course this makes color gradation on 10 bit panel looks much smoother and finer than 8 bit panels. As the note, to get Ultra HD Premium certification, a 4K TV must delivers color gamut more than 90% DCI P3 color spaces and supports 10 bit depth of color.  And with the contrast and color performance offered, of course LG E6P series deserves to get Ultra HD certification.

10 Bit Color

10 bits vs 8 Bits Depth of color


DCI P3 vs REC 2020 Color Gamut

As we see on the specification table above, LG E6P is powered by “Perfect Mastering Engine” that supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.  For HDR 10, as discussed above, there is no issue on OLED E6P when displaying HDR10 contents.  But for Dolby Vision, there is a bit issue on peak brightness and color. Yu need to know, Dolby Vision set higher standardization of display specs than HDR 10 i.e. 10000 nits of peak brightness with 4000 nits current target, 0.0005 nits of black level, Rec.2020 color space, and 12 bit depth of color.  From all standardization set by Dolby, OLED E6P only meets black level standardization.  But because of Dolby Vision is designed for future, for this time, there is no 4K TV that can meet all of Dolby Vision’s display specs standardizations and of course, this doesn’t become a downside of OLED E6P.  But even so, with great display specs offered, at least you can still enjoy Dolby Vision contents on the screen of LG E6P with the best quality for this time.


Additionally, because of OLED TV doesn’t use backlight, LG OLED E6P offer perfect viewing angle. This means, wherever you place your seat to watch TV, you will get the best viewing, except your set is behind the TV.  This is much better than LED TV with IPS panel that claimed provide wide viewing angle up to 45 degrees off center and front. With other words, although you watch TV from extremely side viewing angle, there is no picture degradation like happened on LED TV.

Motion Control

When handling fast motion images, LG OLED E6P also has done its job perfectly. This mean there is no motion blur noticeable when it used for watching contents with fast scenes like sports or video games. A bit issue is when it plays 24p contents via 60p signals from streaming sources like fire TV, Apple TV or others,  OLED E6P cannot remove judder completely. But when it is playing 24 contents via 60i signals from Cable or satellite box, its performance is really perfect. This means there is no judder. The perfect performance is also showed by LG E6 when playing 24p signals like movies from Blu-Ray or DVD.

UHD Up-scaling

Although this time had passed several years since 4K TV mass-produced for public, but the availability of 4K contents in the market is still scarce. This means most of the contents that available in the market still have 1080p to lower resolution. For anticipate this issue, LG OLED E6P is equipped with great performance UHD Up-Scaling engine called “Tru 4K Upscaler” embedded on its picture engine. The performance is really great. When it displays videos from 480p sources like DVD, the result looks very good in 4K quality, moreover for 1080p source like Blu-Ray movies, the result certainly is much smoother. This even is much better than when they are displayed on full HD 1080p TV. With this great performance in UHD Up-scaling engine, this allows you to enjoy all of the contents in 4K quality amazingly like your intent when you would to buy 4K TV.

Tru 4K Up-saler

3D Performance

While most of TV manufactures have removed 3D technology from their 2016 lineup, LG still retains 3D technology on E6P series. Of course this will become its own advantage of E6P series because there are not many 4K TVs that comes with HDR ability and 3D technology at once. Samsung even has removed 3D technology from their entire 2016 lineup. In this case, LG always use passive 3D technology for their 3D lineup including OLED E6 series. The result is clear and smooth 3D images with tons of depth. Because it use passive 3D technology, it offers free-judder and crosstalk that course will make you more comfort when enjoying 3D entertainment. Combination of great performance in 3D, HDR, and 4K quality, this certainly will offers its own sensation in enjoying home entertainment in your own home. In the box, LG OLED E6P includes two pairs 3D glasses where you can buy additional passive 3D glasses with cheap price if it turns out the number was still lacking for all members of your family.

Passive 3D

Smart TV

For offering attractive and fast smart TV platform, LG E6 series features WebOS 3.0 as its smart TV platform. It is third version of WebOS that first released in 2014. In its third version, there are some upgrades that make its performance better, revision on some issues happened on previous versions, and some addition features, but still retains usability and simplicity. Selecting between apps is fast, as well as boot time. New features that are no less interesting is about Magic Zoom that allows you to magnify certain areas without destroying the image quality. Additionally, there is also “Magic Mobile Connection” that allows you to stream any content from your smart phone onto your TV easily. There are also many demanded apps such as Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube and many more that allows you to stream video contents. Furthermore, some VoD Services apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, or Vudu can be used for streaming HDR contents in HDR 10 or Dolby Vision format. In addition to many attractive apps provided, there is also “LG Content Store” that allows you to downloads plenty of contents, apps, games, and many more.

Web OS 3.0

In addition to great performance, WebOS 30 also comes with simple and easy to use user interface designed. When you press the “Home Key” on your remote, a strip bar contains of your favorites apps will appears across the bottom f the screen. Additionally, you can also easy to manage, add, and remove your favorites channel or apps to or from strip bar. That is no less useful is about LG’s Magic remote where with “point and click” function, it makes you easier and more comfort when surfing on the internet, selecting apps, and done many functions of Smart TV.

LG e6 Remote

Sound Quality

Although it comes with Slim TV design, but LG OLED E6P series still offers good audio performance. This cannot be separated from great performance of built-in 2.2 channel sound bar behind it. Not half-hearted, its sound bar is designed by premium audio manufacturer Harman Kardon. This course offers very impressive sound quality with good handling in mid range and high frequency and powerful bass performance. When used for listening to music, the sound is heard balanced between bass, middle and treble. The separation between the each channel of stereo is also much felt. And with 40 watts total audio sound output, it delivers quite loud sound without becoming harsh.  Overall, sound quality offered by LG OLED E6P is better than most of TVs. But it is not still quite enough to compete with proper audio system. So, if you still want to get the best sound experience, you still need to add outboard solution.

LG 6 Sound bar


Like most of high class 4K TVs that available in the market, LG OLED E6P also equipped with 4 HDMI 2.0 and 3 USB ports as its major connectivity. There are also 1 Composite IN, 1 Component In, RF (terrestrial), 1 Ethernet, 1 optical, 1 mini jack RS232. This number of course is quite enough to cover your HD Devices or other and meet the necessary requirements for connectivity for this time. All of the HDMI and USB ports are installed on the left side of panel while the other ports are installed on back of panel.

lg-e6-connectivity-1 lg-e6-connetvity-2

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LG E6P OLED TV delivers strong performance on almost all aspect of picture quality. Despite it comes with simple and very slim design, but it is equipped with great sound bar that delivers good sound quality.  But of course, this is not about great audio sound that becomes a highlight of OLED E6P series because it is still not quite enough to match a premium standalone sound bar. But the main highlight of E6 series is about its stunning display specs that deliver best experience in enjoying movies or TV shows.

As we have discussed above, display specs delivered by LG E6P series meet the standardization of HDR 10 set by UHD Alliance to get Ultra HD premium Label. This allows you to enjoy stunning HDR picture quality without any issues in HDR 10. In addition to HDR 10, it also support other HDR formats called Dolby Vision. Although its display specs doesn’t meet all requirements that set for Dolby Vision particularly about peak brightness and color performance, but you can still enjoy Dolby Vision on contents on its screen stunningly. This means LG OLED E6P can play both HDR formats HDR 10 and Dolby Vision at once where there not many TV that can do this job.

In addition picture quality, LG E6 also has done a good job on motion control, viewing angle and 3D. This makes E6P series is including one f the perfects 4K TVs that has ever made. A bit downside about peak brightness and lacking in 24p via 60p signals are not major issue which can damage the overall performance. To make you more comfort when enjoying home entertainment in your home, it also feature attractive and responsive smart TV called WebOS 3.0.

LG OLED E6P is a 4K TV with excellent performance in almost of all aspect of 4K entertainment. But of course, to get it whether it is OLED55E6P or OLED65E6P, you must spend extra money. But even so, although its price can be said expensive, but of course it is comparable with great performance that offered. If you have extra money, of course this will become a best choice for you along the top model LG G6P signature series.

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- Infinite Contrast with Perfect Black LEvel
- Wide Color gamut with more than 93% DCI P3 Color space
- Bright peak white for a fellow OLED TV
- Support HDR 10 and Dolby Vision
- Great 3D performance
- Attractive and Responsive WebOS 3,0
- Ultra Thin Design


- Peak Brightness is no as bright as Premium HDR LED TV
- The price i very expensive

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Peak Brightness

HDR Performance

Side Viewing Angle

Motion Blur

Input Lag

Smart TV



Total Score

Bottom Line

Stunning picture quality is not a matter that should be doubted for OLED E6P series. This is evidenced by obtaining Ultra HD certification by UHD Alliance. In addition to picture quality, it also offers stunning performance on almost aspects of 4K home entertainment. Viewing angle, 3D performance, Motion Control, Smart TV, all of these aspects delivered by LG E6P excellently.

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