LG 4K TV Buying Guide 2016 – How the Line-up of LG 4K TV in 2016?


LG is a big name TV manufactures from Korea. In 2016, they release the number models of TVs in the market, OLED or LED TVs. Like other TVs from competitor, LG’s 2016 TV lineup also focus on HDR (High Dynamic Range) where this technology is originally used for digital Camera. You need o know, HDR technology is developed for offering more details picture quality in night scenes and shadow. Combination HDR and 4K creates much more details and clearer picture quality. Not only on picture quality that improved, connectivity, design, also smart features are also improved than last year model. In 2016 and like last year lineup, LG has released two panel technologies for their TV lineup, OLED TV and LED TV. So, how is the strength of LG TV lineup that released in 2016?

LG 2016 TV Lineup



In 2016, LG has released 4 models for their OLED TV, B6, C6, E6 and G6. All of them have supported HDR10 and Dolby Vision technology where it is the technology behind HDR ability of LG OLED TV. Talking about picture performance, they offer the same great picture performance because they are powered by the same technologies. Exception for C6 series that comes with curved panel and B6 series that comes without 3D. The main differences between them come down to panel designed built in Harman Kardon Sound Bar, Curved, and 3D technologies. G6 as top models comes with built in Harman Kardon sound bar and single panel glass design where their connectivity is installed on rear panel of their sound bar. E6 series also comes with built in Harman Kardon Sound bar but it doesn’t have single glass design and the panel connectivity is installed on the side of TV panel.  C6 series comes with curved panel, but it doesn’t equipped with sound bar although its sound system also designed by Harman Kardon. Like C6 series, LG OLED B6 series comes with flat panel and without 3D technology behind it.

LG’s 2016 OLED TV Lineup

Series Size Available Resolution Picture Engine HDR Dimming 3D Audio Audio
OLED B6 55" 65" 4K Perfect Mastering Engine OLED HDR with Dolby Vision Pixel Dimming No WebOS 3.0 4.0 Channel 40 Watt Designed by Harman kardon
OLED C6 55" 65" 4K Perfect Mastering Engine OLED HDR with Dolby Vision Pixel Dimming Passive WebOS 3.0 4.0 Channel 40 Watt Designed by Harman kardon
OLED E6 55" 65" 4K Perfect Mastering Engine OLED HDR with Dolby Vision Pixel Dimming Passive WebOS 3.0 Built in 2.2 Ch Soundbar designed by HarmanKardon
OLED G6 65" 4K Perfect Mastering Engine OLED HDR with Dolby Vision Pixel Dimming Passive WebOS 3.0 Built in 2.2 Ch Soundbar designed by HarmanKardon




Like Samsung 4K TV, LG also divided their 4K TV lineup into two categories, LG SUHD TV and LG UHD TV. There are three series of LG SUHD TV those are UH9500, UH8500, and UH 7700 or LG 9 series, 8 series, or 7 series. The main technology of LG SUHD TV is about quantum dot panel that offers up to 30% wider range of color spectrum. For processing 4K signal, LG SUHD TV is powered by Super Mastering engine and HDR Super with Dolby Vision Technology for processing HDR signals. The features that offered by each model of LG SUHD TV certainly is different to each other. And of course, the higher series, the features that offered is more complete.


The second category of LG 4K TV is LG UHD TV. It is identical to entry level of LG 4K V lineup. Which includes LG UHD TV are UH6550 and UH6150 or 6 series. Although performance offered is not as great as SUHD TV, but they offer a benefit about their price range. Unlike SUHD series, LG UHD TV is not equipped with quantum dot panel technology as their color technology. As its picture engine, all model of LG UHD TV is powered by UHD Mastering engine as picture engine instead of Super Mastering engine for SUHD TV lineup. Additionally, instead of HDR super with Dolby Vision as HDR processor, LG UHD TV lineup is powered by HDR Pro technology.

LG’s 2016 4K LED TV Lineup

Series Size Available Type Color IPS Panel Local Dimming TruMotion 3D
UH9500 86" 65" SUHD Quantum Dot Yes Yes 240 Hz Passive
UH8500 75" 65" 60" 55" SUHD Quantum Dot Yes Yes 240 Hz Passive
UH7700 65" 60" 55" SUHD Quantum Dot Yes Yes 240 Hz No
UH6550 75" 65" 60" 55" UHD Color Prime Yes Yes 120Hz No
UH6500 49" 43" UHD Color Prime Yes No 120Hz No
UH6150 65" 60" 55" UHD Yes No 120Hz No
UH6100 49" 43" UHD Yes No 120Hz No

Key Features

WebOS 3.0

LG webOS 3.0

LG webOS 3.0 Interface

In 2016, LG features WebOS 3.0 as the smart TV platform of their smart TV lineup. Compared to last year version or WebOS 2.0, there are some upgrades and updates that makes it more attractive and its performance more responsive. WebOS 3.0 is simple to use and offers faster boot up times than previous version. Switching between apps is also fast. Interface layout is designed more intuitive and cleaner and allows you to sort your favorites program, so makes you easier and more enjoy operating it. To populate favorites program and store, there is nice colored strip across the bottom of the screen.

In addition to attractive and useful apps that provided, most of LG Smart TV is equipped with LG magic remote where it provides a lot of useful functions. The most useful function is Point and Click function that has function like a mouse on your pc or note book. With this function, browsing in the internet, selecting and opening apps, playing videos will be easier and more comfort. If in first version of WebOS, it has a problem about poor streaming ability, in this version, this problem can be fixed completely. Buffering times of streaming content can be reduced greatly. Now, with LG Smart TV, you can enjoy tons of Video contents comfortably on VoD apps that provided like YouTube, Netflix, and more.


The advantage of LG 4K TVs to competitor is about their connectivity. Almost all model of LG 4K TV lineup is equipped with connectivity to all the essential for full access that required by other 4K devices, such as VP9, HEVC, HDCP 2.2, and HDMI. If in term of connectivity ability LG 4K TVs is superior, this doesn’t apply on the number of HDMI Port. All models of LG OLED or LED TV offer only maximum 3 ports HDMI even for top model like G6 or UH9500 series, compared to Samsung or Sony 4K TVs that equipped up to 5 HDMI ports. Of course, if you have many other 4K devices required HDMI connection, this will be a problem for you.


For all models of LG 2016 LED TV lineup, I was amazed by the picture performance that offered by LG OLED TV. The picture that produced is really amazing with awesome sharpness level and color. In term of picture quality, it even can be said the best in 2016. But unfortunately, their price is less friendly with our pocket. For LG LED TV lineup, although their performance is not as great as what offered by LG OLED TV, but they can still compete to their competitor despite cannot yet bear the best in class.