The best TVs in 2017

by norrystyon March 4, 2018
There are a lot of models of TV that released in 2017, from entry level TVs to premium TVs where each of them has advantages and disadvantages to the others. This will certainly make you a little confused to determine when you want to buy a TV.  But basically, there are two options in major […]
Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)

Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) – A new HDR Format for Broadcasting

by norrystyon March 13, 2017
As we know, the main focus of TV in 2016 is HDR where there are two most popular HDR format which used by most of TVs that released in 2016, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. HDR 10 is royalty-free HDR format developed by UHD Alliance while Dolby Vision is proprietary HDR format developed by Dolby […]


Meet Sony’s First HDR OLED TV A1E Series in CES 2017

by norrystyon February 7, 2017
At CES2017, Sony has introduced their first OLED TV lineup named A1E series. This certainly is the encouraging news for you who are fan of OLED TV, because of course there will be a comparison when you are buying OLED TV and unlike previous years where OLED TV market is dominated by LG.  In the […]

All about Backlighting and Dimming Technology Behind 4K TVs

by norrystyon November 8, 2016
When buying a LED TV, we certainly rarely notice about backlighting and dimming technology behind a LED TV. We prefer to notice more realism technology like 3D, Smart TV, Refresh rate, HDR or others where the impact is very clear even we don’t mind to pay dearly for those. The manufacturers are also rarely to […]


HDR 10 vs Dolby Vision : What is that?

by norrystyon September 11, 2016
In the era of “High Dynamic Range” at this time, we will find the term about HDR and Dolby Vision, two technologies that cannot be separated from HDR “world”. It is a technology war or more specific is format war like LCD against Plasma, DVD against Blu-Ray or VHS against Betamax in past year. Both […]
OLED TV is far superior in dark control and precision light

OLED TV vs LED TV : Which should you choice between them?

by norrystyon September 8, 2016
In recent years, there are two popular technologies behind TVs, LED (Light Emitting Diode) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). Previously, there are also plasma and LCD, but gradually they began evicted by LED and OLED due to wasteful power consumption required and other causes. The main difference between these technologies is about their illumination. […]

HDR TV, Everything you should know before buy HDR 4K TV

by norrystyon August 19, 2016
After 4K TV where this technology slowly replaces full HD 1080pp TV, now the latest buzzword in the Television industry is about HDR (High Dynamic Range).  This technology actually is originally used in Digital Camera industry for exploiting more hidden area of the images. For TV, actually in last couple years, some manufactures have equipped […]