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LG OLED B8 Review


by norrystyon December 8, 2018
LG OLED B8 is the cheapest model of LG’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV Lineup. Although it is sold cheaper than the series above it like C8, E8, G8, and W8, it performs almost the same as them which are sold more hundreds or even more than a thousand dollar more expensive. But even so, […]

The Best 4K HDR TVs in 2018

by norrystyon November 13, 2018
Just like in last year, in 2018, there are also a lot of TV models which are launched, from budget TV to premium model where each of them offers some advantages to the other. The higher model of TV, of course, picture quality and performance offered is better, but on the other hand, its price […]

Sony A9F Review (XBR55A9F, XBR65A9F) – What are the difference to A1E?

by norrystyon October 23, 2018
Unlike in last year where Sony only launched one series for their OLED TV lineup, in 2018, they launch two models of their OLED TV lineup, which are Sony A9F and A8F. Like most TVs which available in the market, Sony A8F comes with a conventional vertical design, a solution for you who don’t too […]
Sony Z9F Review

Sony Z9F Review (XBR65Z9F, XBR75Z9F)

by norrystyon October 10, 2018
Sony Z9F is the Mater Series of Sony’s 2018 4K HDR LED TV lineup, the successor of Z9D that released in 2016. Like the predecessor, it is a TV with outstanding peak brightness. Sony might have launched two premium models including A8F and A9F which have outstanding picture quality, but both of them come with […]

Sony X830F Review

Sony X830F Review (XBR60X830F, XBR70X830F)

by norrystyon September 20, 2018
Sony X830F is the mid-level model of Sony’s 2018 4K HDR LED TV lineup under X850F Series. But unlike X850F series that comes with IPS panel, X830F comes with VA (Vertical Alignment) panel. Nevertheless, the excepting of their panel technology and screen sizes, what offered by X850F and X830F is actually the same. They equally […]
LG UK7700 Review

LG UK7700 Review (55UK7700PUD, 65UK7700PUD)

by norrystyon September 12, 2018
LG UK7700 is best model of LG’s 2018 UHD TV lineup. Still coming with IPS panel, it lacks Full Array Local Dimming Technology that the SUHD Series like SK8000 or SK9000 have. Instead, it comes with Edge lit-backlight with local dimming. But the good news, for its price level, it still offers the number of […]

SK8000 Review

LG SK8000 Review (49SK8000PUA, 55SK8000PUA, 65SK8000PUA)

by norrystyon September 1, 2018
LG SK8000 is the entry level of LG’s 2018 4K HDR Super UHD LED TV or globally, it comes to the mid-end class along with Samsung NU8000, Sony X850F and others. It may lack some features and technologies offered by LG OLED TV model or the higher series like SK9000 or SK9500, but at least, […]
Samsung NU8500 Review

Samsung NU8500 Review (UN55NU8500, UN65NU8500) – Samsung’s 2018 Curved 4K HDR LED TV 8 Series

by norrystyon August 23, 2018
  Samsung NU8500 is the curved model of Samsung’s 2018 Premium 4K HDR LED TV 8 Series and also the successor of MU8500, the curved model of Samsung’s 2017 Premium TV 8 Series. As we know, like last year model, Samsung has launched two models for their premium TV series 8, NU8000 with flat panel […]

LG SK9500 Review (65SK9500PUA) – Top Model of LG’s 2018 4K HDR LED TV

by norrystyon August 12, 2018
LG SK9500 is the flagship of LG’s 2018 Super UHD LED TV and also the successor of SJ9500, the flagship of LG’s 2017 Super UHD 4K HDR LED TV. At a glance, its appearance is almost similar to the predecessor. And just like the predecessor, in North America, it is also available in one screen […]
Samsung Q6FN Review

Sony A8F Review (XBR55A8F, XBR65A8F) – Sony’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV

by norrystyon July 27, 2018
Sony A8F is the 2018 model of Sony’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV lineup and also the successor of Sony A1E in last year. But unlike the predecessor A1E that came with a unique design called “One Slate” where the screen tilted slightly back, in this year, it no longer uses this design. Additionally, one […]

Samsung Q6FN Review

Samsung Q6FN Review (QN49Q6FN, QN55Q6FN, QN65Q6FN, QN75Q6FN, QN82Q6FN)

by norrystyon July 14, 2018
Samsung Q6FN is the lowest model of Samsung’s 2018 4K HDR QLED TV lineup. It offers good performance for mixed usage like watch movies, sports, TV shows, play games, and more. As a part of Samsung QLED TV, quantum dot technology becomes its mainstay technology that allows it can produce excellent rendition of colors. But […]
Samsung Q9FN Review

Samsung Q9FN Review (QN65Q9FN, QN75Q9FN)

by norrystyon June 23, 2018
Samsung Q9FN is the top model of Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV lineup. As the top model of Samsung QLED TV, the picture quality certainly becomes the flagship that offered, particularly about its excellent color reproduction. But of course, there is not just excellent color reproduction that becomes the strong point offered, but also other aspect […]

Samsung Q7FN Review

Samsung Q7FN Review (QN55Q7FN, QN65Q7FN, QN75Q7FN) – 2018 Model

by norrystyon June 3, 2018
Samsung Q7FN is the second generation of Samsung QLED TV 7 Series or the 2018 model of Samsung Q7F. Compared to the predecessor, it brings some improvement and some additional features and technologies which make its performance even better. Not even just that, as the one of the premium TVs from Samsung, it also brings […]
Samsung Q8FN Review

Samsung Q8FN Review (QN55Q8FN, QN65Q8FN, QN75Q8FN)

by norrystyon May 8, 2018
Samsung Q8FN is the second top model of Samsung’s 2018 4K HDR QLED TV lineup. It is the successor of Q8F in last year. In this year, Q8FN brings some improvements on its technologies over the predecessor Q8F which make its picture quality and HDR performance is better. Additionally, it also brings many new smart […]

LG OLED C8 Review


by norrystyon April 26, 2018
LG OLED C8 or C8PUA is the mid-range model of LG’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV lineup. It is a successor of OLED C7, the one of the best seller TV in 2017. One of the charms of LG OLED C series is its affordable price while picture quality and performance offered is not far […]
Samsung NU8000 Review

Samsung NU8000 Review (UN49NU8000, UN55NU8000, UN65NU8000, UN75UN8000, UN82NU8000)

by norrystyon April 15, 2018
Samsung NU8000 is a flat model of Samsung’s 2018 Premium 4K HDR LED TV lineup Series 8.  It is the successor of Samsung MU8000, one of the best seller mid-range TV in 2017. Like the predecessor MU8000, NU8000 also comes with a lot of screen sizes options, from the smallest that is 49 Inch (UN49NU8000), […]

Sony X900F Review

Sony X900F Review (XBR49X900F, XBR55X900F, XBR65X900F, XBR75X900F, XBR85X900F)

by norrystyon April 6, 2018
Sony X900F is a mid-range TV of Sony’s 2018 4K HDR TV lineup. It is a successor of X900E in last year that has successful in commercial and becomes the one of the best mid-range TV in 2017. Nevertheless, although in term of the price, it can be categorized as a mid-range TV, but in […]

The best TVs in 2017

by norrystyon March 4, 2018
There are a lot of models of TV that released in 2017, from entry level TVs to premium TVs where each of them has advantages and disadvantages to the others. This will certainly make you a little confused to determine when you want to buy a TV.  But basically, there are two options in major […]

LG OLED G7 Review

LG OLED G7 Review (OLED65EG7P, OLED77G7P) – The LG Signature OLED TV

by norrystyon January 31, 2018
LG OLED G7 (G7P) is the successor of 2016 model G6 Series. But unlike G6 series where its status is as a flagship model of LG’s 2016 OLED TV, in 2017, this status is replaced by LG W7 Wallpaper model. Nevertheless, G7 is still a part of the luxury product that doesn’t only offer superb […]
LG SJ9500 Review

LG SJ9500 Review (65SJ9500) – Top Model LG’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV

by norrystyon December 25, 2017
Overview LG SJ9500 is the top model of LG’s 2017 4K HDR SUHD LED TV lineup and also the predecessor of UH9500 series. Unlike other model that comes with some screen sizes option, SJ9500 series only comes with one screen size option that is 65 Inch (65SJ9500). Coming as the top model of LG’s 2017 […]